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We're just going to say it... Rebounding is the best cardio ever!

It's challenging, effective, and ridiculously fun. Rebounding is a high-energy, 3-dimensional cardio workout that requires and uses more muscle energy than any other cardio workout. It's more than twice as effective at improving your aerobic fitness (the strength of your heart and lungs) than running, according to studies by NASA and The International Journal of Sports Science.

Rebounding is also incredibly low impact. The rebounder bungees stretch as your feet make contact and absorb most of the impact you would feel on the hard ground. The instability of the bungees also help improve your balance, coordination, and core strength by challenging muscle stabilization with each and every jump.

What's a rebounding workout like?

The intensity and style of a rebounding workout can vary just like any fitness activity. The speed of jumping, the type of jump(s), and the sequencing of movements can all make the workout more or less intense.

At Vibe, we aim for a slightly faster speed of jumping that's athletically challenging, but we highly encourage new jumpers to go at their own pace! We start class with simple jumps and a longer series of practicing each movement (like a circuit), then build in more complex options and short combos of 2-4 different jumps joined together.

We keep our jumps low and focus on pushing down into the rebounding surface because that triggers the most work for your body. High jumps are fun at a trampoline park! But they aren't fitness-related and are not included in our classes, so don't worry about jumping in any big way. 

Getting started...

We get what it’s like to take your first class! Or your first dozen classes! There’s a learning curve to rebounding that is tougher than getting on a treadmill or a bike. And that might be intimidating. But we're here for you! We’ll give you the rundown on 'how to jump' and encourage you to jump at your own pace and be patient. It takes a little time to get acclimated, but it's worth it! Every strong, skilled jumper started slow at their first class too. But with each class your speed, strength and coordination will improve!

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