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It's all about direction.

Building strength requires resistance. But the direction from which the resistance comes at you is everything. The direction determines what muscles are working, and how your body builds strength, coordination, and balance.


That is our obsession.


So - we created a unique studio set-up with a carefully curated selection of props that can build strength from every angle. Not only does this make our workouts incredibly effective and functional, but they're also so much fun. Each workout feels fresh and unique. Your brain and body stay engaged and you'll tap into all the potential of what your body can do!

Side Bend
Bar Press

Our signature studio bands

Using 15-20lb slastix resistance bands that clip into the wall and ceiling with handles, ankle cuffs and foot loops, you'll get to every (and we mean every) muscle. Our unique studio bands have 4 different points of origin to hit resistance from every angle. You'll work asymmetrically and laterally more than any other type of strength training workout for true functional + core strength. It's a workout experience unlike anything you've ever done before!

Ropes, reels, and more...

When it comes to strength, our bands are definitely front and center. But we also integrate a few other amazing props. Suspension ropes, resistance reels, weighted bars, gliders, and classic dumbbells are all an important part of our strength-building workouts.

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