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Pilates + Serious Strength

The reformer is a game changer! It amplifies strength-building in a whole new way, and integrates core work into every movement. It's therapeutic and intense at the same time. And it's beloved by all ages and all bodies.

The equipment...

The reformer was created by Joseph Pilates for his method of exercise known for building core strength and flexibility. Historically used in classical pilates studios in its traditional form,  you will now see different variations of the reformer created and used in studios all over the world.

At Vibe, we use the Allegro 2 Reformer by Balanced Body. It's one of the newer models that has kept the classic style of the original reformer, with some modern enhancements and features. With a gliding carriage, ropes, handles, spring resistance and sliding crossbar, you'll be amazed at what you can do on this pretty piece of equipment. 

Our approach

Reformer workouts can be very different from studio to studio. There are a variety of styles and approaches a studio might take!

At Vibe, we teach a contemporary style pilates workout, with a modern twist. Our reformer classes incorporate the principles of pilates, modern variations of traditional pilates exercises, and some general strength-building moves. The overall result is a dynamic, fun and highly effective workout experience!

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