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You're going to love what we created for you.

Fun, creative classes full of variety, taught in a supportive and friendly space. We meet you where you're at each and every day, and help you make every workout your own.

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Rebound & Strength Circuit

Beginner-level rebound and strength all in one class! There's so much to love and it's a whole lot of fun.


Featuring 3 rounds of jumping on the rebounder, learning short combinations of moves - mixed with strengthening on the mat, using dumbbells, reels, a resistance loop or weighted bar.


Notes: Barefoot or grip socks.


Important: Please arrive 10+ minutes early if it's your first rebounder class.

Total Strength Class

The best strength-building blend of props, moves, and combos!

This class is a carefully curated strength-building workout that challenges you in so many effective ways. It combines classic and creative, for a fun, dynamic strengthening class that's destined to become your favorite!


Features: a combination of props that may include our signature studio bands, suspension ropes, reels, weighted bars, gliders, and/or dumbbells.


Notes: Barefoot or grip socks.

Vibe Total Strength


A small group class (only 4 people!) featuring the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer.


This workout is a hybrid of contemporary pilates and non-pilates sculpting that builds strength, balance and stability. The movements are slow and the personal attention is high - with a focus on making subtle changes to form and alignment that increase the impact of each exercise.


Notes: Grip socks recommended, or barefoot.


Important: For the safety of new clients, you must arrive no later than 5 minutes before your first reformer class for instructions on how to safely use the reformer during the workout.

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